Cross Curricular Learning (e.g. learning something in language, then using it in maths)

We will put examples of our cross curricular learning on this page! 🙂

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Yellow Maths.

We use predicting in language but today we used it in maths. We had to predict which tub would hold more water.

Know and Grow

We played a game of questioning in Know and Grow today, then we used the same skill in comprehension. We had to read a story about school in Roman times then write our own questions for a partner to answer. We had to try and make the questions open qusetions, not just closed questions with one word answers.
Morgan and Neiv

I liked the game because I got to find out more about other people like what food they liked and where they would like to vivit. Morgan

I liked the game because it made my brain wake up so I was ready to learn all day. Neiv

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