Commonwealth Games

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We are learning about the commonwealth games.In gym we do the commonwealth sports. We have done netball, squash, tennis, hockey, athletics and badminton . It is very fun .The commonwealth games have 17 sports they are tabletennis rugby 7’s and lots of other sports too. We also know other sporst are judo wresiling weightlifting shooting netball gymnastics athletics triathlon boxing squash lawn bowls hockey batminton cycling and aquatics . They are all of the 17 sports.
by April and Demi-leigh

We have started learning about the Commonwealth Games. We know there are 17 academic term paper writing sports. They are: shooting, squash, wrestling, gymnastics, rugby 7’s, lawn bowls, aquatics, weight lifting, judo, badminton, cycling, hockey, table tennis, netball, triathlon, boxing and athletics.

In maths, we have been doing Information Handling. We made a bar graph about which commonwealth sport we would like to try.

Guess which one was the most popular?


By Tyler, Adam, Ross, Neel, Alix, Niamh and Sophie

Opening Ceremnoy 2010

We enjoyed watching this opening ceremony.It was in India. We are looking forawrd to seeing the one in Glasgow.We think there will be bagpipes, Scottish songs, people wearing kilts and girls wearing tartan dresses.

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  1. Hello Niamh! I see you are looking back at our old blog. It’s nice looking back, isn’t it? Good to remember all the learning we did. Miss McKee x

  2. Well done p3, you are always working hard and learning so much!

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